An amazing story of synchronicity

Needed Milk Thistle, went to Holland and Barrett in Denbigh… I never shop in HB, never in Denbigh. I think I recognise fellow customer, do my usual, I know we know each other but…..he tells me how and my name!!! (Now I only met him once 3 or so years ago.)

I go to pay with Jen’s wallet (I rarely do the paying thing!) I fish out what I think are £ coins – shop woman says they are foreign. I fish around and fellow customer is beside me (still can’t remember name!!) I explain it’s not my money and we are going to Portugal next day. He says, Oh so am I, asks me which airport we’re flying into. I don’t know because I rarely make arrangements! He says Faro. When I get back to car all same flight, etc.

So next morning 4 am leave house. I mention to Jen that surely we need to book a dental appointment…

Ok, now we see the guy from Denbigh and his two fellow companions. The seats in departure area are crowded but there are 2 empty seats opposite them … do the kissing thing, sit, chat. I say, ‘I wonder what the universe has in store for us with all this synchronicity,’ cos at this point it is all still a mystery.

Soooo pleasantries take place the other she and he live in Beaumaris, etc., etc. Then I do the who, what thing. The new friend says he is a dentist. But hang on not just a dentist – A Holistic Dentist – OMG!

So I am on edge of seat.

Then we talk masses about alternative stuff. He gets up and walks wonky turns out its cos he was blown up out of a boat, broke himself, told he wouldn’t walk again, etc., etc. So he went about learning to mend himself.

Soooo I tell him about Ben (Health Kinesiologist), our awesome new weapon in our arsenal of alternative therapies.

Yehhhhh, you’re there!

He is going to Ben. Jen and I have a Holistic Dentist.

And the original man said he had to wait 10 minutes outside the door of Holland and Barrett… and he too never uses them!!!!

As I keep saying, I am such a blessed Child. The thing I love most about myself is I am sooo aware that I am.

— 5 days later —

This morning on our return at Faro airport we meet up with our new BF’s. It was such a comfortable encounter – as though we had known each other for ever. Got the name thing in place! Discovered mutual friends, places. When we were contemplating opening an organic shop with a group of local guys some years back (guy in HB now fondly known as Dave) was one of the group. He is a professional lime plasterer, lectures in Brecon, etc., etc. Well back home in our building site we are about to have about to have an assortment of 5 weeks of no Stu or Freddy or Christophe…

Soooo guess what  – Dave is coming tomorrow to see which of his many skills we can tap into! Plus, tomorrow we made plans to book teeth ASAP because whilst away a B—dy Tooth played up.

Don’t you just love the universe ???