Change is the only outcome

A testimonial from William Dean, age 18:

Energy is the first thing that comes mind, built upon vast experience and boundless amounts of compassion.
She has impacted my life in ways that far surpass business alone.
Business is a structure that enables change and impact. Margaret places huge importance on discovering passion and finding your own definition of personal mastery.
My first encounter with this force of nature was at a talk she did in my college. I loved her awareness of what is possible and the importance of respect.
She is a coach with principles of clarity and confidence,partnered with consistency – change is the only outcome.
It’s hard not to smile when thinking of time spent with her.

You won’t regret it!

A testimonial from Jane Bingham, The Cheshire Garden:

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Margaret. As a result of the sessions I have been able to focus on improving my business and personal life positively and constructively. I can’t believe how much of a difference the sessions have made. I would urge anyone to do the same. You won’t regret it!

She makes me believe

A testimonial from Ceri George, By George Marketing:

I first met Margaret at a business breakfast event and was blown away by her energy and positive attitude. I asked her to be my mentor and over the last nine months she has helped build my confidence and self belief. Margaret doesn’t sugar coat anything or make it sound easy but she provides sound advice, lots of enthusiasm and the benefit of her many years experience as an entrepreneur. She makes me believe I have everything  I need to achieve what I want to with my business.

Infectious enthusiasm for future generations

A testimonial from Penny Matthews BA (Hons) MA FIEEP, Coleg Llandrillo Enterprise Coordinator

Margaret is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most inspiring, innovative, dynamic and kindhearted people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She touches the lives of so many young people, encouraging them to realise their potential and achieve their dreams. Margaret’s enthusiasm is infectious. She is a world class entrepreneur who selflessly gives her time assisting the future generations towards building their own positive future. She is amazing!

Results in chocolate

A testimonial from Carol Hartnell, Honest By Hartnell:

I had the good fortune of meeting Margaret Carter early in 2012. She was the guest speaker at a networking event I had attended. I was a year into a fledgling chocolate business. It was doing ok… but just ok. I was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing, but wasn’t actually sure if it was making any money, or where to take it next. Margaret kindly offered a chunk of her time to mentor me. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Being with her was like being caught up in a twister. So many questions, all relevant, some challenging, some awkward… but, all delivered with passion and knowledge.

I spent the following months with Margaret, developing new ways of gaining business, and, in turn confidence. Her mentoring not only instilled good business sense, it also gave me a new found degree of enthusiasm, for a business I wasn’t sure whether it was just a hobby or not. Within months, I had new products lines, new packaging, new suppliers, new contacts and a business that was going places.

A huge part of the mentoring focuses on the detail – It’s all in the detail – the little things, the numbers, the drive, the bigger picture: where do you want to be, now work backwards and do what you need to do to get there.

Margaret is an amazingly enthusiastic person to be around, her energy knows no bounds. Her experience is priceless and her desire to help people is beyond the call of duty. She gives all she can, because she wants to. Each word she utters makes good sense… business sense and personal sense.

‘How it is’

A testimonial from Olivia Stefanino, author of Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!:

Margaret is a whirlwind – of inspiration, motivation and can-do attitude. She’s practical, down to earth and says it ‘how it is’ – all with a fabulously warm blend of charm, wit, wisdom and humour. Anyone who has the honour and pleasure of spending any time in her company will always benefit – both personally and in terms of moving their business forward – from her unique ability to ask just the right questions at the right time.

Finding peace through art

I have been asked to explain the reason why my creations are linear, peaceful and calming.

Spot the Difference

Many years ago I was encouraged to have a dyslexia assessment, so with trepidation I went along. It was a really horrible, frightening and emotional experience. The result was 12 out of 10!

One of the main problems I have had all my life is trying to read, trying to unscramble words on the page. One of the many experiences I had during the tests was having a pink overlay placed on a page of writing – Wow! All the writing was suddenly stationary and there seemed to be so much more space on the page, not only between the lines but also on the sides of the page.

It was suddenly clear that the reason I have could not hold information in my brain was that it spent it’s whole time fully engaged unscrambling the mess in front of me. It is a very frustrating daily hurdle but something I have learned to live with. The dyslexia tests helped me to understand my struggle, but obviously nothing would ever cure me. In fact, the glasses they tried to fit me with only caused me more distress. They were meant to help me unscramble the world. But, having spent my entire life seeing things scrambled, having it suddenly ‘unscrambled’ was as confusing and frightening as life was before.

All my life I had managed to negotiate my way around, I had even become a very successful entrepreneur while at the same time being completely unemployable! I realised I needed to find a way to express myself in my world as I knew it.

Out of all this mayhem I finally found peace through my art.

Quarry Dance

The natural materials I am drawn to are unbelievably beautiful and tactile – the cotton, the shiny cream silk, the hemp and the linen all surround me in my studio. I have been like a magpie over the years. When I start to create a piece I collect threads, lavender sticks (by the way, they have four flat sides) and from somewhere my creations flow, peacefully.

My partner is a Crystal Healer and she taught me how we attract the balancing power of the seven-chakra colours into our lives. So with angst I entered the world of colour. At first it was again chaos for me, but now I believe they not only help me but others as well.

Slate 5 Deep Intuition

I have been very blessed to be a creative person. Words cannot explain how my style has brought many joyful experiences over the years.

An amazing story of synchronicity

Needed Milk Thistle, went to Holland and Barrett in Denbigh… I never shop in HB, never in Denbigh. I think I recognise fellow customer, do my usual, I know we know each other but…..he tells me how and my name!!! (Now I only met him once 3 or so years ago.)

I go to pay with Jen’s wallet (I rarely do the paying thing!) I fish out what I think are £ coins – shop woman says they are foreign. I fish around and fellow customer is beside me (still can’t remember name!!) I explain it’s not my money and we are going to Portugal next day. He says, Oh so am I, asks me which airport we’re flying into. I don’t know because I rarely make arrangements! He says Faro. When I get back to car all same flight, etc.

So next morning 4 am leave house. I mention to Jen that surely we need to book a dental appointment…

Ok, now we see the guy from Denbigh and his two fellow companions. The seats in departure area are crowded but there are 2 empty seats opposite them … do the kissing thing, sit, chat. I say, ‘I wonder what the universe has in store for us with all this synchronicity,’ cos at this point it is all still a mystery.

Soooo pleasantries take place the other she and he live in Beaumaris, etc., etc. Then I do the who, what thing. The new friend says he is a dentist. But hang on not just a dentist – A Holistic Dentist – OMG!

So I am on edge of seat.

Then we talk masses about alternative stuff. He gets up and walks wonky turns out its cos he was blown up out of a boat, broke himself, told he wouldn’t walk again, etc., etc. So he went about learning to mend himself.

Soooo I tell him about Ben (Health Kinesiologist), our awesome new weapon in our arsenal of alternative therapies.

Yehhhhh, you’re there!

He is going to Ben. Jen and I have a Holistic Dentist.

And the original man said he had to wait 10 minutes outside the door of Holland and Barrett… and he too never uses them!!!!

As I keep saying, I am such a blessed Child. The thing I love most about myself is I am sooo aware that I am.

— 5 days later —

This morning on our return at Faro airport we meet up with our new BF’s. It was such a comfortable encounter – as though we had known each other for ever. Got the name thing in place! Discovered mutual friends, places. When we were contemplating opening an organic shop with a group of local guys some years back (guy in HB now fondly known as Dave) was one of the group. He is a professional lime plasterer, lectures in Brecon, etc., etc. Well back home in our building site we are about to have about to have an assortment of 5 weeks of no Stu or Freddy or Christophe…

Soooo guess what  – Dave is coming tomorrow to see which of his many skills we can tap into! Plus, tomorrow we made plans to book teeth ASAP because whilst away a B—dy Tooth played up.

Don’t you just love the universe ???