Results in chocolate

A testimonial from Carol Hartnell, Honest By Hartnell:

I had the good fortune of meeting Margaret Carter early in 2012. She was the guest speaker at a networking event I had attended. I was a year into a fledgling chocolate business. It was doing ok… but just ok. I was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing, but wasn’t actually sure if it was making any money, or where to take it next. Margaret kindly offered a chunk of her time to mentor me. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Being with her was like being caught up in a twister. So many questions, all relevant, some challenging, some awkward… but, all delivered with passion and knowledge.

I spent the following months with Margaret, developing new ways of gaining business, and, in turn confidence. Her mentoring not only instilled good business sense, it also gave me a new found degree of enthusiasm, for a business I wasn’t sure whether it was just a hobby or not. Within months, I had new products lines, new packaging, new suppliers, new contacts and a business that was going places.

A huge part of the mentoring focuses on the detail – It’s all in the detail – the little things, the numbers, the drive, the bigger picture: where do you want to be, now work backwards and do what you need to do to get there.

Margaret is an amazingly enthusiastic person to be around, her energy knows no bounds. Her experience is priceless and her desire to help people is beyond the call of duty. She gives all she can, because she wants to. Each word she utters makes good sense… business sense and personal sense.