Finding peace through art

I have been asked to explain the reason why my creations are linear, peaceful and calming. Many years ago I was encouraged to have a dyslexia assessment, so with trepidation I went along. It was a really horrible, frightening and emotional experience. The result was 12 out of 10! One of the main problems I have had all my life … Read More

An amazing story of synchronicity

Needed Milk Thistle, went to Holland and Barrett in Denbigh… I never shop in HB, never in Denbigh. I think I recognise fellow customer, do my usual, I know we know each other but…..he tells me how and my name!!! (Now I only met him once 3 or so years ago.)

I go to pay with Jen’s wallet (I rarely do the paying thing!) I fish out what I think are £ coins – shop woman says they are foreign. I fish around and fellow customer is beside me (still can’t remember name!!) I explain it’s not my money and we are going to Portugal next day. He says, Oh so am I, asks me which airport we’re flying into. I don’t know because I rarely make arrangements! He says Faro. When I get back to car all same flight, etc.

So next morning 4 am leave house. I mention to Jen that surely we need to book a dental appointment…